The following are examples of chat bots on facebook messenger app, which is one of the most popular chat apps today.

  • Ecommerce

    Shop for shoes, book tickets, pay bills and more using chatbots. Through conversation commerce you can make a more personalized offering to the user.

  • News Subscription

    Chatbots can be used for delivering news of interest to users who subscribe for it.

  • Information

    Tourist Information, information about your business, or any information can be formatted and delivered using a chat bot. Specific information can be delivered to the user on demand, hence they need not browse lengthy pages seeking information.

  • Home automation

    You can communicate with physical devices and control your room temperature, toggle lights at your home and more from your chat app.

  • Surveys

    A more engaging and interactive survey can be carried out using chatbots, than using conventional forms.

  • Personal Assistant

    Set reminders, organize daily tasks, e-mail travel plans, record personal expenses and much more right from your favorite chat app.

  • Customer Support

    If you have a knowledgebase of frequently asked questions and answers, the chatbot can be programmed to retrieve and deliver answers to user’s questions from it.

  • And a lot more..

    your imagination is the limit..

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Why chat Bots?

  • Be Where Your Customers are

    Chat apps like Facebook messenger are the most used apps, even surpassing social media apps. Hence having a chatbot for your business means having presence where your customers are.

  • Familiar User Interface

    Unlike websites and other apps which come in a variety of user interfaces, chat app are familiar for users making it much easier to use.

  • Onboarding

    Unlike Apps, onboarding process for bots is a lot easier. It doesn’t have a tedious registration process. Just open your favorite messaging app and simply start chatting with it.

  • Personality

    With bots, you can incorporate your brand’s personality and through intelligent and witty conversations engage with the users and finally convert them in to customers.

  • Shareability

    Bots can be linked to, recommended by other bots and shared by users on social media and within the chat platforms in just a click. That’s why bots have a greater potential to go viral.

  • Chatbots Remember

    Chatbots can remember users and their preferences. Hence it can be programmed to offer personalized products and services based on the earlier interactions.


Integration To External Services

Chatbots can be integrated to external services/platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Google apps and more, hence bringing your business to popular chat apps easily.

Natural Language Processing

Our system can process natural language inputs from the users to actionable data. For example, if a user says “I want to buy a shoe”, it understands the intent shows the available shoes to the user.


Chatbots can be used to schedule the delivery of messages. It is useful for timing the delivery of messages based on the time zone of the user and send recurring messages at a particular time or day.

Chat to Email

For some transactions, users might need a record sent to their mailbox. Common uses are sign up confirmation, order receipt, dispatch information etc. Chatbots can trigger emails for all such events.

Push Notifications

Send updates about order status, latest products and services, offers and promotions to your users using the chatbot.


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All features mentioned above plus

  • Visual builder

    A super easy app to build your bot. Just drag and drop actions and commands, and train your bot how to respond to your users’ input and voila, your bot is ready.

  • Build once and deploy everywhere

    After building the bot, it can be deployed on multiple chat apps like Facebook messenger, Slack, Telegram, Skype etc. at just a click of a button

  • Analytics of user interactions

    Get useful insights about how users are interacting with your bots and use them to train your bot and to understand what questions users have about your business.

  • Interaction templates

    Make reusable templates for quickly building common interaction flows like greeting a user, adding a product to cart etc.

  • Human Intervention.

    Option to enable human intervention, whereby if the users does not get a required response from the bot, they can summon a human by sending a command.

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